Our Savior Lutheran School & Preschool is a member of a larger church body called the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Our church body has been providing quality Christian education for over 150 years.

  Our school is part of one of the largest Private/Christian School systems in the United States which includes:

  Every child at OSL - whether highly gifted or those requiring additional help - is a gift of God and created in His image. All students will be given the loving care and attention needed to provide them the motivation to succeed in their studies. 

• 400 Early Childhood Ministries
• 345 Lutheran Elementary Schools
• 26 Lutheran High Schools
• 2 Colleges
• 1 Seminary
Our Savior Lutheran Preschool Academy is dedicated to assisting the parents in the development of their children by offering a Christian preschool program for four and five year olds.

  The curriculum at OSL will help your child grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically, intellectually, and creatively. Our Christ-centered curriculum builds upon each individual’s own skills and experiences. We utilize child and teacher-directed learning in the areas of music, science, art, language arts, and physical education.

      The Bible teaches that parents have the primary responsibility for nurturing their children and instructing them in the Christian faith. Our Savior Lutheran Preschool Academy exists to help parents nurture their children and strives to meet their child’s spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs in a developmentally appropriate manner. We are here to serve those seeking a Christian education for their child so that each child may develop to his or her full potential.
A Ministry of
 Our Savior
 Lutheran Church

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11503 Vance Jackson Rd.
San Antonio, TX   78230
Phone: 210-696-2716

"Our Savior Lutheran Preschool Academy has been a true blessing. My son’s previous school was not working out for him and we were lost as to where we were going to send him since it the new school year has already started. From the beginning, his teacher, Mrs. Semanko, was loving, patient and supportive with his transition. The curriculum and activities are helping him prepare for Kindergarten. Mrs. Semanko helps find what works for each child to help them be successful. My son loves going to school and soaks up everything he learns in the classroom. I am very grateful for the experience he has had this year at OSLPA."
-Susana D.